"   I feel like fifteen percent of our hearts are full of someone else’s pain.   "
Extract from The Art of Forgetting (via unmaiden)

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"   Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart.   "
Fyodor Dostoyevsky  (via under-the-paris-sky)

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"   Pain changes people.   "
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"   Pain changes people.   "
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‎Later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered

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i can’t take it anymore. tomorrow will be the day that will make my pain stop.

"   Please do not break my heart, I think it’s had enough pain to last the rest of my life.   "
Keaton Henson, 10AM Gare Du Nord


I would take any drug, drink any alcohol, if it meant escaping this pain. If only for a few minutes.

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